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Ann Smith – “A+ Experienced, Effective Educational Specialist!”   Students love working with Ann because she is, “a patient and extremely effective tutor!”

Education: Florida Southern College, B.A. and UCF Masters and Educational Specialist Degrees

Favorite Subjects: Reading, Writing, SAT, ACT, FCAT, ISEE, TEAS, and College Research Papers

An Orlando native and graduate of Edgewater High, Ann has been helping Central Florida students succeed for over 30 years. Ann loves, “finding the keys for each student’s success!”


Ann’s A+ tutoring tip: “Find the ways you learn best and be consistent in your practice!”
She loves: Traveling, gardening, Georgia summers, and walking with her Red Bone hound dog.


Jack Smith – "Awesome math tutor!"

Students enjoy working with Jack because,“He is a fantastic teacher who works through every step of the problem!” So many students say, “I wish you were my math teacher!” 

Education: University of Florida, B.S. & Masters Degrees in Exercise & Sports Sciences

Favorite Subjects: Algebra I, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, Statistics, College & Intermediate Algebra, College Trigonometry, SAT, ACT, TEAS, EOC Math Tests.

Jack is a Key West native and has tutored Central Florida students succeed for over 18 years. 

Jack’s A+ tutoring tip: “Studying is like working out…you can’t get it all done in one day. Do a little bit every day and you’ll soon become an academic athlete!”
He loves: Traveling, computers, Sudoku puzzles, playing with his Red Bone hound dog.



Sarah Jameson – “Absolutely Wonderful, Experienced Tutor!” Students absolutely love working with Sarah! Sarah truly loves tutoring because, “It is what I was meant to do!” 

Education: 2007 University of Central Florida graduate, B.A. in English Literature 

Favorite subjects to tutor: English, History, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, ACT, SAT

Sarah has helped students succeed in Central Florida for the past 8 years.

Sarah’s A+ tutoring tip: Avoid cramming by making it a habit to review material a little bit everyday!
She loves: Reading, watching documentaries, and cats . . . including “Finnick Odair” her kitty


Jais Emmanuel – “Awesome Tutor!!”

Jais enjoys tutoring because, “Tutoring is such a rewarding experience!” Students truly enjoy working with Jais because she is patient, knowledgeable, and very caring. I enjoy my students and sharing what I’ve learned!  Plus, “I meet so many students, help them succeed, and I always learn something new from each one of them.”   

Education: Class of 2015, University of Central Florida, Biomedical Sciences, B.S. 

Favorite subjects: High School Math, Calculus I & II, Chemistry, Organic Chem, Biology, Micro-Biology. Jais has helped students succeed in Central Florida for the past 2 years.

Jais’ A+ tutoring tip: Never Ever Give Up! Work hard so you can make your dreams come true!  
She loves: Zumba class, bollywood dancing, riding her bike, traveling, trying new food, and tutoring!


Johnny Claros – “Excellent Tutor!” Johnny loves tutoring because, “It is a real pleasure to help simplify concepts students thought were hard.”

Education: Class of 2014, University of Central Florida, Computer Engineering, B.S.

Favorite subjects to tutor: All Levels of Math, Chemistry, Spanish

Johnny has helped students succeed in Central Florida for the past 3 years.  Students like Johnny’s clear instructions and his ability to relate the material to each student’s current level of mastery. 


Johnny’s A+ tutoring tip: Practice + Confidence = Success
Johnny enjoys: Basketball, swimming, anything outdoors, Math (of course) and anything dealing with computers.



Caroline Austin – “Enthusiastic, Energetic tutor!” She enjoys, “helping students succeed and guiding them to reach their full potential!”

Education: 2013 University of Central Florida Graduate, B.S. in Elementary Education
Favorite subjects to tutor: Elementary Reading & Math 

Caroline is a Central Florida native who attended Winter Park High school.

Caroline’s tip for student success: Read at least 20 minutes each and every day. She loves: Broadway, cooking, playing with her dog, “Oakley.”


Dawn Martorell – “Patient, Caring Tutor!!”
Dawn gets, “Great personal gratification when I master a particular mathematical concept and I enjoy helping others to do the same!” 

Education: Pursuing a BA degree in Math

Favorite subjects to tutor:  
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II

Dawn has been a Central Florida resident for 30 years and she has assisted students for the past 2 years.

Dawn’s key for student success in mathematics: A patient, caring tutor, repetition and, of course, a sharp pencil! Dawn enjoys: Reading, spending time with her family, traveling and the beach.


Blake DePaul – “Great Science Tutor!” Blake says, “Tutoring gives me joy to make a difference in other people's lives and also to be the inspiration to help students succeed in reaching their goals.”

Education: Class of 2016, University of Central Florida, Biomedical Sciences, B.S., Minor in Spanish 

Favorite subjects to tutor: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Micro-Biology, Other upper-level Sciences, and Spanish 

Blake has helped students succeed in Central Florida for the past 2 years.


Blake’s A+ tutoring tip: “Never give up on your dream!”
Blake enjoys: Surfing, wakeboarding, hockey, football, video games, and playing boardgames with my family.