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Science Improvement: The A+ Way

Science is confusing for many students. A+ students find success every step of the way!

• Earth Science
• Physical Science
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Biology
• Micro Biology
• Chemistry
• Biochemistry
• Physics

We offer standard, honors, AP and IB, one on one, tutoring for every science student. Chemistry and Physics students often find these sciences a "foreign" language, and both have a strong math component which compounds the challenge for many students. Our patient tutors and encouraging skill approach builds mastery, which is the key to success.

A+ Chemistry, Physics, and Biology tutors guide, review and explain in the way each student learns best. Practice, which includes key terms, concepts, and formulas, is designed for student success. An integrated approach using the student's text, notes, and study materials is enhanced with targeted review provided by his or her tutor. A suggested study plan with strategies to increase mastery is presented for use between sessions.