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Reading Improvement: The A+ Way

Welcome to A+ Tutoring's amazing reading success stories! Hallie was a first grader, struggling with reading. Our Reading Specialist identified specific skills Hallie needed to review, and most importantly, the ways she learned best. An A+ plan was designed, Hallie began meeting with her tutor, and in a few short weeks her confidence and reading skills began to soar!

The FCAT reading assessment challenges students at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Craig is another A+ success story! As an SLD student, he had little hope of passing the Reading FCAT. Meeting with his tutor, one on one, made all the difference! Craig's reading scores more than doubled after tutoring at A+. His last FCAT testing put him over the top! Fantastic job, Craig!!

Reading also challenges college prep, home school, and prospective nursing students! A+ offers students the chance to prepare and excel on their FCAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT and TEAS tests. With one on one support and guidance on selected practice, verbal test scores improve significantly, as students build skills and strategies for success.

Each student has an individualized reading improvement plan including:

• Targeted Skills Review
• Specific Practice that coordinates schoolwork, test preparation, and strategies for success .