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I attended A+ Tutoring of Central Florida while I was in high school and then again during my fist two years of college. While I was there I was able to strengthen my math skills to help me do well on weekly tests and my final exams. The strengthening of my skills made it possible for me to go on to the next level in math. Math was a very hard subject for me. By having the extra help from A+ Tutoring I was able to be successful in these classes and feel more comfortable with math in general. The tutors are great. They always took enough time to make sure I was comfortable with what I was doing before going on to the next step. A great tutor really makes a difference! Thanks for all the extra help.

Caroline N.
Winter Park High

My three children are all completely different with individual needs - A+ Tutoring has found a way to help each of them thrive. The preparation for the SAT, ACT and PSAT and overall education they have received there is excellent. I would highly recommend A+ Tutoring to any parent looking for a tutoring facility that is completely focused on the child's best interest.

Ingrid G.
Parent of Trinity Prep and Tuscawilla Montessori Students

I bought a couple of study guides and studied on my own for a couple months before taking the GMAT for the first time, only to be disappointed with my score. Then I went to A+ Tutoring just a few weeks before I was to take the GMAT for a second time and my score went up 120 points! A+ not only taught me how to tackle the problems and made sure I understood the answers, but also guided me as to how to stay focused and manage the clock on such a large timed test. Without A+ Tutoring I would not have gotten into the graduate school of my choice.

Chris E.
Rollins College Student

A+ Tutoring of Central Florida tutored our daughter last year. You have had a profound impact on her, and it shows across the board.  She scored a 99% on Math Computation, 85% on Math Concepts & Estimation.  In addition, her Science score jumped way up to 90%.  This is huge for her! This is BIG news for a girl who has struggled so much in the past.

From the bottom of our hearts ~ Thank you!

Ana & Ernie ~ Winter Park High Parent


My two sons now attend A+ Tutoring of Central Florida for help with their reading.  We tried another company, but I really wish we had come to A+ first.  They are now making great progress and I really like the fact that my boys even get extra practice to take home.

Ellen E ~ Pinar Elementary Parent


As a teacher I know my students have many different needs. I also know the importance of reaching different types of learners. A+ Tutoring really puts an emphasis on personalized tutoring. From beginning assessments to the individualized tutoring sessions, time and effort is spent where it’s needed most. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of place.  A+ tutors specialize in a variety of curriculums to help any student.  It really shows that the people at A+ care and are there for the right reasons.

Beth B ~ 3rd Grade Teacher, Orange County
Eagle’s Nest Elementary

My daughter has been coming to A+ Tutoring for two years. She has had the same tutor for the entire time, and has developed a warm and secure relationship with her. Her math skills have improved and she has developed a clearer understanding of math fundamentals. The environment is cozy, the owners are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive, and the atmosphere is upbeat and positive. Each year, my daughter CHOOSES to sign up for tutoring, which is the best endorsement of this quality establishment. I would rate it "Five stars"!

By Gherk55